Experience Poker at Ladbrokes like Never Before with Live Dealers

Poker is one of the most intense casino games you can play. There's a lot of strategy involved in every single move you make, and the thrill of watching the other players at the table bluff adds to the experience. The only issue is to play live poker you'll need to leave your house. In a live dealer casino like the one at Ladbrokes, you'll never have to travel to a brick and mortar casino for an authentic poker experience. This goes for other games too like roulette and blackjack, but we'll use poker for this example.


What Is a Live Dealer?

A Ladbrokes live dealer is a live projection of an actual casino. A feed is transmitted from you to the location of the dealers' room, and the employee hands out cards like they usually would at a brick and mortar gambling house. This isn't a simulated experience. Every single move you make can be seen and perceived by you, the viewer.

What Games Offer Live Dealing at Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes offers the live dealer experience in roulette, blackjack, Texas hold 'em poker and baccarat. If you're a new player at these games, don't forget to check out a welcome bonus as you can get matched bets for these sorts of games.


What are the Advantages to a Live Dealer?

The most significant advantage to a live dealer is the ability to keep track of what's happening during the game. There is no room for doubt, suspicion, or the questioning of the legitimacy of the game because it's going on in real time. If you join a blackjack table, you can actually see other tables of live dealing happening behind them as well. Transparency is the biggest reason to pick this instead of a simulation at Ladbrokes.

No Wait Time

Walking into traditional casinos also means waiting for a table to open up before you can play. With live dealers you don't need to wait, the game starts as soon as you enter the room. You can accelerate or slow down the process as well, you could hit 80 - 100 spins per hour during a game of roulette.


Although simulation games offer a chat on the side to interact with players, live dealers allow you to speak to the dealer during play. This can help provide a more authentic experience - almost like you're actually at a casino. You can also hear noise in the background, see people move and talk.


Live Dealing V.S. Simulation at Ladbrokes

Both simulated and live provide a unique experience to each player, and deciding between both may be challenging. Compare bonuses as a way to help you decide. Also, think about how fast/slow you choose to make bets. Since a simulation poker game isn't dependant on the dealer, the pace of the game is going to be different. Ladbrokes offers a great variety in both sections, so if you're having a difficult time deciding, why not try both? Depending on how you combine welcome bonuses through the casino, you could end up playing both of these options for free.